GRAHAN, Himachal, India

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Grahan, situated at an altitude of 2567 meters in the Parvati Valley, is a 10km trek from Kasol. Have You MetBuddhi Singh, who describes it best for us.


Grahan Trek
On the way to Grahan

The trek starts from the bridge near Old Kasol. Be cautious to take the trail pointing towards right while going ahead. With changing terrains and sounds of the water all along, it is an amazing walk through nature, one should spend sufficient time to chill and enjoy the views that the nature has to offer. There are a couple of resting tents on the way. Towards the end the trail bifurcates into two parts- The easy way which leads to the end of the village-Pulgi part and the difficult way that leaves you directly at the starting of the Grahan village. On an average the trek should take about 4-5 hours.

Grahan Scenery

Sar Pass

The village serves as the base camp or starting checkpoint for the Sar Pass trek. Throughout the year the village sees a lot of trekkers coming to avenge the Sar Pass. YHAI also has set up its base camp in the New Grahan part.

Things To Do in Grahan

Grahan Volley Jam Walk Clouds
Things to do in Grahan

Wake Up to Cannabis Farming

Walk, Smile, Greet & Explore

Make fresh raw Honey, Rhododendron Juice and Hashish

Play Volleyball with the locals

Trek to Waterfalls and Thunja

Bonfire and Jamming

Volunteer in Grahan

The school (Hindi Medium) in Grahan is looking for volunteers, who can hope for food and accommodation with a local family and co-ordinate with Raj Bhaiji (+919805676133 or +911902209051).

Note: Don’t forget to mention GoCabanas


Grahan Waterfalls
GRAHAN Waterfalls

The waterfalls are an hour long trek from the village. The path is quite slippery and one must be careful. There are 2 other waterfalls before the main waterfall.  One must definitely chill at all 3 waterfalls. The main waterfall has water gushing from 3 directions through a rock and is a mesmerizing view. Try Veg Maggi (blend of nearby found herbs and plants) and Stuffed Bhaturu (Local Bread) served with 3 different sauces at Inder’s shop at the Waterfall.

Grahan Waterfall Food
Maggi & STUFFED Bhaturu at inder’s


Wake up to the panoramic view of Cannabis plantation all around, and be treated as part of the family. Stay at Hari Home Stay for as cheap as INR 50 per person a night.

Grahan Cannabis Farming View Room
Cannabis Farming View


Bhaturu (Local Bread) and Veg Maggi at Inder’s (Waterfall)

Thali at Old Krishna’s

Mint Tea at Hari’s

Bread Omelet at Ravi Café

Rhododendron Juice

Grahan Rhodo Juice and Mint Tea
Rhodo Juice and Mint Tea

With Pure Air and Water, Happy People and So Much Shaanti, carry enough cash as you are bound to stay LONGER than you plan, and you don’t wanna be trekking 10 km down and up just for withdrawing money.