Hidden Gems That Slayed At The Ziro Festival Of Music

The Ziro Festival of music this year was a legit grand success. The ZFM witnessed enthusiastic participation from music lovers, travellers and diverse artists from across the globe. Ziro’s valleys sure served as a delightful venue. It was a treat for the campers and backpackers to listen to the melodies of local and international artists. With all this awesomeness, there were a few hidden gems that came to the limelight during this festival. Some of the best artists that made the crowd groove are right below.


How often does one hear native American Folk Music in India? No Strings Attached is the first Bluegrass music project from India. Their sound combines elements of American folk, jazz and blues music. Started on July 23, 2007, they play acoustic music and surprisingly, do not use drums, bass or any form of percussion. Beyond creating music that’s a world apart, they cover epic old songs and melodies upto a hundred years old. Their songs are not just about a different breed of music, but are flooded with a culture and heritage of which most of us here are unaware of.
Watch them jazz here


Koi is a band of five members. ‘Koi’ in Manipuri, literally translates into ‘beard’ which signifies their kind of music- Impulsive, raw and jocund.

Formed in 2013, this band of five portrays their music as an organic blend of native folk and is influenced by western music. Their smoothness in western classical guitar and inclination towards their regional folk music is what gives their music an aura of nativeness. Being childhood buddies since forever, the five friends eventually got together to create a band. Initially, it started with a webcasted amateur recording on their laptop but they later widened their horizons as their listeners grew.


“Our music is like carbon fibre — tougher than metal yet lighter than it at the same time!” This band is made of TT Sriram, Satish Narayanan and Tapass Naresh. As an escapism to their engineering college lives, they made up their minds to start a band and there it was, within a week, this trio had their first performance.  These college acquaintances have been jamming since 2006. After a few changes to their band, they gave birth to this livewire, high energy, garage rock band in 2011. They’re quite a savage on stage too. They have had over 150 shows which is a great deal for a young band.


This one’s a six member reggae and afrobeat band based out of Pune. This is more of a family collective of like minded musicians who feature various different artists that have similar musical perceptions.  Apart from being funky and reggae and making people dance, this band focuses on delivering messages and spreading awareness about contemporary social evils that plague the society.


This dude has his own way of ranting political issues and controversies through his songs. His melodious mockery of government with his guitar are spot on. His satirical way of deriding controversies is plain sardonic and that is exactly what gets the crowd cheering. Known off stage as Daniel Langthasa, Mr.India is obsessed with his puppies, loves singing about love and politics, writes a song a day and makes music in his room.

Watch him do what he does best.


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From the world of noises like char bottle vodka and blue eyes, has emerged a soul of pure, raw talent and is bound to make way with his weapon of staying loyal to his roots. Vivian grew up in the drug addled ghetto of JB Nagar, Mumbai, the hub of all notoriety. Vivian first started rapping in college and with constant practise, he polished his rapping skills. A unique thing about him is that all his videos were DIYs. Vivian’s life-inspiring songs enthusiastically convey how grinding your league all the way up is far more paramount than cribbing about your unfortunate circumstances.

That’s how the crowd goes bonkers for divine


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