5 Unique Local Acts For A Wonderful Time At ZFM 2016

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The Ziro Festival Of Music or ZFM is particularly Unique, as it offers a window to explore the Local Music Talent from across the North East Of India.

Here are some of them You Would Love.


ABIOGENESIS is a Folk-Fusion band hailing from Dimapur, Nagaland. Formed in 1992 and has been performing since 2005. They describe their sound as Howey music and perform with a wind instrument they have invented called the BAMHUM. Not satisfied with just playing mainstream music and their hunger to take music to a higher level, this band of four made their way through exploration and experimentation which landed them in a new form of world music. They are best known for their energetic and lively acts and have been performing across the country.

 Here’s how they stay raw to their band name.


THE ROYAL FLUSH is four piece alternative rock band from Itanagar. Yari Natung, Sameul Pertin, Teji Toko and David Tania are the musicians behind the alternative rock band. Their music speaks all about the thoughts and sentiments of the youth and the struggles faced by them. They say they do it best through their music. Playing at Ziro has been this band’s dream and they are all excited to share the stage with the other awesome bands.

Here’s how their jamming sounds.


AKUMMIKA is a two piece ambient, indietronica post rockbound from Nagaland, comprising of DJ Sumika on the synthesizer, sampling machine and Imkumer Jamir (Akum Jams) on the guitar and synths. The band has become a sensation within a short span as the duo introduced a new genre of music by playing live in various events around Nagaland such as Cosfest, Oztronic, Upstairs and World Music Day.

Check them out.


SOULMATE is a highly acclaimed Shillong-based blues band. This is one band that re-ignited the blues in India. The band is primarily made up of Rudy Wallang (guitar/vocals/songwriter) and Tipriti TIPS Kharbangar (vocals/guitar) although they frequently team up with session musicians (on drums, bass, organ and possibly other backup instruments) when on tour. Tipriti is considered as one of the finest female singers to have emerged from North East India and Wallang is considered one of the most respected blues guitarists of India.

They have over a million views on YouTube and you can add up to that count by watching them here :


The name ‘YESTERDRIVE’ comprises of two words ‘Yester’ meaning yesterday/past and ‘Drive’ meaning the ‘Stomp Box’ that they use for their guitars.  In short, Yesterdrive is all about the past analog sounds revived in the digital sounding based era. This super enthusiastic Indie-rock band from Arunachal Pradesh is all set to perform in this year’s ZFM. This Independent alt-rock band has proudly representated their state at the People’s Park & People’s Square at Yangon.

Here’s what their work sounds like :

Stay Tuned for all the action from Ziro Festival of Music.