Have you met- Reedhi Bora

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The other day we went on a trek to Triund. It was sunny when we started climbing, but as we reached midway, the weather started changing. And as we moved on, in no time it started raining. Even we had to run for shelter for about 3-4 times on the rest of the way. Most of the times we had to wait under a tree to shelter ourselves from the storm.  But you know I was surprised to see girls wearing high platform shoes on the trek. Obviously they faced a lot of problem on the trek because now the path had turned slippery. So somehow we made it to the top. By this time the winds had turned ferocious and people were running from their tents and all. So I see a girl who was camping but probably she was too scared of the wind or something that she didn’t even move but was sitting on the ground and dodging the wind fearing that maybe the wind would fly her away. So to save ourselves from the storm we had to stay under the government guest house. And we were stranded there with about 40 to 50 people. The private guest houses on the top were not allowing anymore outsiders inside. So we all were left shivering there. But hopefully we had a good sleeping bag, so we were like warmer of the lot. But it was really astonishing to see people coming unprepared to the trek with no waterproofing or sleeping bags and stuff.