Have you met- Elias Osman

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There is this friend of mine who was backpacking through South East Asia last year. So he started his journey from Thailand and then went through Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam. Then he went to travel in China. After travelling through China he made plans to go to Mongolia. But the flight ticket was too expensive for him. So my friend ends up buying a horse for 200$ because he planned on riding the horse for about a month to reach Mongolia. The best thing was he didn’t have to spend on any food for the horse as there was grass and water all along the way to feed the horse. So with his horse he crossed mountains and passes. Also he found a tribal village tucked deep in the mountains. This village was headed by a woman. My friend stayed there for like a week and also took part in all their rituals. After a week he set off and reached Mongolia in the next few weeks.