Have You Met : Dancing Monks

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It is the last day for the volunteers at the school, and they have organized a Cake and Samosa Party for us. There are a couple of volunteers here from Canada, Colombia & India, one of who has come here for the second time. Some of the kids are extremely shy that they have to be called by names even to serve them Cake and Samosa.

Excitement popped up when Volunteers surprised everyone with a dance performance and that gets a few of our favorite monks grooving and teaching the Foreign Volunteers a few moves on “Ceiling Can’t Hold Us” and Bollywood Tracks like “Jiya Jiya”.

Go Cabanas : Let me click a picture of you guys dancing.

Dancing Monk 1 : No No No Noo NOOoOoooo….

Dancing Monk 2 : Heheheee!!! He is very shy. Click mine. 🙂

Go Cabanas : Oh come on, I need it for the media. Why don’t you join us?

Dancing Monk 1 : No noo…. Then Definitely Not.

Go Cabanas : Not Newspaper!!! It is for THE INTERNET.

Dancing Monk 1 : Ah, Then it is COOL.

Dancing Monk 2 : YO, INTERNET IS AWESOME…!!!

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