Dawda Jobarteh: Descendant Of Gambian Music Dynasty Who Played For Kings

Dawda Jobarteh, born in a musical bloodline in Gambia, has a rich Griot Heritage. An inherent member of a class of travelling poets, musicians, and storytellers who maintain a tradition of oral history in parts of West Africa, their cultural lineage is passed down to generations, inclusive of traditions, music, literature and law solely by […]

Have You Met : Dancing Monks

It is the last day for the volunteers at the school, and they have organized a Cake and Samosa Party for us. There are a couple of volunteers here from Canada, Colombia & India, one of who has come here for the second time. Some of the kids are extremely shy that they have to […]

Have You Met: Buddhi Singh

Chhotta sa gaon hai hamara Grahan, kuch 300-400 logon ka. Zyada se zyada 30 tourist hote hain kisi bhi time pe. Kudrat ki kripa se log mast hain, aur hawa paani saaf hai. Itne mein hi hum gaonwale khush ho jate hain. Kasol se gaonwale upar tak Do Dhai ghante mein kar lete hain, tourist […]

Have you met- Elias Osman

There is this friend of mine who was backpacking through South East Asia last year. So he started his journey from Thailand and then went through Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam. Then he went to travel in China. After travelling through China he made plans to go to Mongolia. But the flight ticket was too expensive […]

Have you met- Reedhi Bora

  The other day we went on a trek to Triund. It was sunny when we started climbing, but as we reached midway, the weather started changing. And as we moved on, in no time it started raining. Even we had to run for shelter for about 3-4 times on the rest of the way. […]